The Procedure for USA visa is different.

Kindly fill up the attached USA manual form


and email it to us on salil@transittours.com

Once we recieve the Manual form we shall fill up the online form, save it, and email it to you for corrections.

Once the corrections are done, we shall submit the online form and take the confirmation.

After which, we shall pay the necessary visa fees and take an appointment for you on your desired dates and desired language. There shall be two appointments, one for the biometrics and other for a personal interview.

We conduct a mock interview at our office with prior appointment to prepare the deserving applicant for the interview at the U.S. Embassy and familiarize them with the type of questions asked and how to answer them for a positive result.

The most common Documents required  will be found in the following list.







Passport with validity of more than six months.

Performa duly filled by applicant.

1 Recent, colour photograph (size 50mm by 50mm) with white background.

Covering letter from the applicant on company letterhead stating his name, designation, purpose and duration of visit.

Tour Confirmation

Hotel Confirmation.

Detailed Tour Itinerary.

Original Bank Statement for the last 6 months.

Income Tax paper for the last 3 years.

Axis / Citi Bank fee Receipt.

For Applicant Occupational Viability 
If Self-Employed/ Business

Brief Company Profile. 

Proof of ownership (Proof of Proprietorship, Partnership Deed, Articles of Association) 

Original Bank Statement of the Company for the last 6 months. 

Income Tax Papers of the Company. 

Balance Sheet of the Company.

If Employed

Copy of Appointment letter. 

Salary Certificate. 

Leave certificate from the Employer.

For Students

Leave Sanction 

I/D card copy. 

Proof of Fixed Deposits/ Investments/ Property Papers - If any. 

Vehicle Registrations


A Sponsor paper means an affidavit of support duly notarised by a lawyer and sent by courier to the applicant or emailed.

A Invitation letter means a letter addressed to the American Consulate General, inviting the applicant to stay where all the lodging, boarding expenses would be taken care by the invitor.

In either of the case, the passport copy with latest visa copy of the Invitor, Job details, Bank Details, Tax Details and Residence details should be also sent or emailed alongwith the above document 1) Affidavit of support 2)Invitation letter





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